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Angle with downstream water injection
port size 4″ up to 17″
up to ANSI 4500# and job rating
CS, Cr-Mo

Parcol 1-5700 Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating stations (PRDS) represent the most universal and compact solution for pressure reduction and desuperheating service of steam turbine by-pass lines, discharging both to intermediate or low pressure sections of power stations.
The spherical body shape design, together with the high quality of construction materials, allow a more uniform wall thickness than the conventional ones, fabricated by welding bodies, reducing P/T fatigue effects and improving welded joints quality.
The pressure reduction is mainly achieved through two stages: the first stage has the function to adjust the flow rate by means of a drilled cage trim, the second stage, designed with fixed throttling section, has the double function to generate a backpressure on the first stage by reducing fluid velocity and generated sound pressure level, and to convey the steam towards the injection chamber, at speed and distribution suitable to optimize the desuperheating process.
The desuperheating section, put immediately downstream the second stage, consists of the injection chamber complete with injection nozzles or a different Parcol desuperheater.

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