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Single port, straight way or angle
DN 1” through 3”
ANSI flanged
Butt welding ANSI B16.25
Socket welding up to NPS 2”
according to ASME B16.34 materials ANSI 2500 for all sizes

PARCOL 1-7000 series control valves are especially designed for high pressure applications on high differential pressure water or steam condensate service.
They are intended primarily for power plant installations where can be used for the most critical services such as high pressure steam line drain, continuous blow down, lines warm-up, cooling water stop or control for desuperheating systems.
Linear or angle type drop-forged steel body with peculiar design of bonnet assure an heavy, compact and reliable construction.
The particular design of trim with intermediate, cage guided, double plug, allows to separate sealing surfaces from the modulating ones, warranting, combined with an appropriate material selection, a perfect and reliable sealing.
A wide range of multi-step trim combinations make this valve suitable for modulating and on/off service with extremely high pressure drops where perfect and reliable seal is required.
Where erosion and cavitation is a problem, single or multiple concentric cages with special drilling are available.
1-7000 valves are usually equipped with Parcol 1-X-290 single or double diaphragm multi spring pneumatic actuators.
Other electric or hydraulic actuators can be provided on request.

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