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High pressure urea service
3/4″ up to 12″
upto PN420
urea grade SS, 25-22-2 SS

PARCOL has started the production of specialty control valves for urea plants in 1965; at present, approximately 200 production units where Parcol valves are installed run with full satisfaction.
1-4800 angle, split body control valves are designed and manufactured so as to grant good service and longer trouble free life with very reduced maintenance.
The original and simple design of PARCOL valves as well as the right selection of the part materials result in great success of the same.

Materials are adequate for urea and carbamate fluids and comply with the material specifications for this service of main Licensors such as Snamprogetti, Stamicarbon, Urea Casale and others.
Connections are obtained directly on the single piece that constitutes the valve body in order to keep down the weight, whereas the shape of internals does not leave dead zones. In fact dead zones are a cause for corrosion since carbamate strengthens its corrosive action particularly in these zones due to the failure of oxygen protection (passivation).

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